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“Heavy duty hole-play requires a long-lasting, durable lubricant. Slam Dunk Penetrating Creame never lets us down and is always a favorite by our performers, both on and off camera. It doesn’t break down like some other creams, and doesn’t turn into a slimy, stringy mess! It’s perfect for non-stop action and will help you reach depths you didn’t even know were possible!”

Matthias VonFistenberg – Dark Alley Distribution

“Deep penetrating action requires a long-lasting, quality lubricant. Slam Dunk Penetrating Creame never lets us down and is always a favorite by our performers. It doesn’t break down like some other creams so it’s perfect for non-stop action!”

Owen – Dark Alley Distribution

“Hey pigs. I am Hawk, commander of Fort Troff and Slam Dunk is my personal favorite. When I need to open up an ass, I always rely on Slam Dunk. The Clove Oil is a great feature, and I don’t have to waste time mixing up a batch of j-lube. Everything I need is all in this one convenient jar. My pigs agree; Slam Dunk rocks!

“I  always tell my customers that when using Slam Dunk that it takes the “ouches of pain” of a man’s arm going up your ass to “the OH ooh OH” sounds of pleasure “may I have more SIR”.  Slam Dunk desensitizes slightly butt lets you feel the sexual sensations of having your hole filled to the max”

Hole of Flame
Eric of LeatherWerks

“We’ve actually had to test every lubricant we could get our hands on to see how they react with our new polymer toys. And, while various others and combinations were reasonable, we’ve come to rely on Slam Dunk. We like it for “handwork” because it isn’t too liquid, creamy or soupy.  It clings yet remains slick. Some others absorb, peter-out and seize, but Slam Dunk stays slick for the duration.

As for use with our toys, it simply cannot be beat. It slathers on, hangs on and stays slick. In fact, as it warms up and gets worked, Slam Dunk gets better. Long term, it does not effect the durability of our toys and does not leave an oily residue. For clean up, we use liquid soaps without water first, which dissolves Slam Dunk quickly, then rinses with ease.

When push comes to shove, in the best sense of our words, we always reach for Slam Dunk.”

Luke Hudson