Slam Dunk is the ultimate penetrating cream developed and thoroughly tested after extensive years of trying dozens of ingredients and combinations. We have blended together a unique formula which is one of the most amazing creams on the market. This long-lasting lube doesn’t dry out like standard water-based lubes yet it’s easier to clean than most oil-based lubes.  It’s great for fisting, *anal intercourse or masturbation. Our proprietary formula relaxes without numbing so that both partners receive the highest degree of stimulation and enjoyment.

Slam Dunk contains the finest quality Mineral and Hydrogenated Oils, Clove Oil, Distilled Water and Polyethylene Polymer dispersing agent. This unique blend is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and cleans up easily with mild soap and water.

*Slam Dunk is oil based and therefore, not compatible with latex condoms.

The Slam Dunk Promise

Slam Dunk is made of the highest quality ingredients. Production is monitored from initial blending to final packaging to ensure that the product is uniformly consistent and of the highest quality every time you use it.